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Rear A/C Block Off Cap Kits

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Tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for automotive A/C repairs?

We have the solution!

Repairing rear air conditioning lines on vehicles can get very costly.  Why not block off the rear air conditioning completely with one of our custom designed rear A/C block kits. 

These A/C block kits are specially designed to disable the rear A/C on the vehicle and leave the front air conditioning completely functional.  These kits are easy to install and will save you hundreds of dollars on the entire repair bill, while still giving you the comfort of front Air Conditioning

If you don't see a block kit you need we can custom make one for your application!
Please call: (612) 465-9219

Block kits now available for Astro/Safari vans, Mazda MPV, Toyoto Sienna, Land Cruisers and more.

   Rear A/C line repair kits

Would you like to repair the line instead?   We have line repair kits available in many different sizes and lengths.  All line repair kits are made to order.  Choose one of our custom lengths or call and request more info and will be happy to make one for you.

Line repair kits


Rear A/C line upgrade kits


Complete Rubber A/C line upgrade kits are available.  Aluminum lines can easily corrode from sand, salt and debris.  Upgrade to a complete rubber rear a/c line set.  Save yourself lots of money and headaches.

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