1998 - 2007 Durango

1998 - 2007 Durango

Installation instructions for 1998-2007 Durango Rear A/C block kit ATMCHDUR

1998-2007 Durango with springlock fittings near passenger side inner fender

CAUTION: Refrigerant under high pressure.  Be sure to evacuate the system before servicing.

1.  Remove the retaining clips and unhook the aluminum lines going to the rear A/C unit (located in the engine campartment near the passenger side inner fender) using springlock removal tool.

2000-2007 durango

Springlock fittings

2.  Remove original orings from the original fittings.

3.  Repalce with new lubricated orings and install supplied fittings.  When installing the fittings make sure the fittings are in all the way usually you can hear them click into place.  Reinstall the retaining clips

4.  Recharge system system approximatly 1 lb LESS freon than factory reccomended settings then adjust accordingly

How to disconnect Springlock fittings

The spring lock coupling is held together by a garter spring inside a circular cage. When the coupling is connected together, the flared end of the female fitting slips behind the garter spring inside the cage of the male fitting. The garter spring and cage then prevent the flared end of the female fitting from pulling out of the cage. As an additional locking feature, most vehicles have a horseshoe-shaped retaining clip that improves the retaining reliability of the spring lock coupling.

springlock removal

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