A/C Line Repair Kit Instructions

A/C Line Repair Kit Instructions

CAUTION: Refrigerant under high pressure.  Be sure to evacuate the system before servicing.



1.     Locate the bad part of the tube that has a leak.  Remove any clamps nearby that may interfere with the installation of the line repair kit.  Go beyond the bad part of the tube roughly 4-6 inches and make sure the tube is in good condition.  Cut the tube using a tubing cutter or hack saw.  Note: Take care when moving the tube so not to kink or destroy the tube



2.     Deburr the outside and inside of the tube and remove any debris that may have entered the tube from the cutting procedure.  Make sure the end of the tube is square and even.  Use a Scotch-Brite and in a twisting motion gently clean any dirt, debris or undercoating off the tube.  Do not use sandpaper.  Brake parts cleaner helps remove any oil and residue from the tube



3. Slide the nut onto the tube and the sleeve as shown below



4.   Insert the tube into the hose end making sure the tube bottoms out inside the hose end.  Use a pen and draw an indication line as a reference point.


5.   Slide the retaining sleeve  against the hose end, slide the nut against the hose end and tighten using the appropriate wrenches.  Make sure the tube remains all the way inside the hose end when tightening. 


**For 5/8 outside diameter tube use 1  1/16 wrench on the tube nut and 7/8 wrench on the hose end

**For 3/8 outside diameter tube use 3/4 wrench on the tube nut and 5/8 wrench on the hose end 

6.  Repeat steps for the other end 



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