2004 - 2011 Toyota Sienna

CAUTION: Refrigerant is under high pressure be sure to evacuate the system before servicing.

*********** NOTE  ***********

This kit was designed to fit Toyota Sienna minivans with the plastic coupler style fitting.  If the vehicle has block fittings that bolt together this kit will not fit.  Contact your Streetrodguys.com for and alternative kit. 

Technician must take care in removing the plastic coupler as it will be re-used for installation of this kit

  1. Identify the location of the rear air conditioning line fittings under the hood near the passenger firewall
  2. Insert the supplied tool into the plastic line coupler to open and separate both lines.  Do not twist the tool just push it into the coupler to release it (save this coupler you will need it later)
  3. Separate both lines and remove the original o-rings and replace them with the o-rings supplied in the kit
  4. Slip the supplied block off fittings over the front section of the line in place of the rear lines
  5. Snap the plastic coupler back in place over both fittings

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