Installation instruction for 2006-2010 Jeep Commander

Installation Instructions for Block Kit SRGCOM8385

(2006-2010 Jeep Commander)


Caution: Refrigerant under high pressure.  Be sure to evacuate the system before servicing.

1.       Unhook aluminum lines going to the rear air unit located on the passenger side front wheel well.  The connection point is located behind the plastic inner fender well front passenger side

2.       Remove the factory sealing washers and install new ones provided to ensure tight seal

3.       Install low side block off fitting, larger one, with new sealing washers and reassemble.

4.       Install high side block off fitting, smaller one, with new sealing washers and reassemble.

5.       Torque both nuts to approximately 20 inch pounds.

NOTE:  Adjust refrigerant charge about 1-1 ΒΌ pounds LESS than factory specifications or approximately 24.00 Oz. R-134a and 5.07 Oz.PAG-46 oil

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